Antti Brunni

Antti Brunni

Digital Strategiest

Designer as a businessman

Passion for Design, Art and Sport

Head of Business Solutions @ Solita Oy


I'm interested whenever it comes to the strategy and concepts in the web and mobile. The last couple of years I have been very focused on the service and user experience design in digital environment. 

My passion is developing the design methods for digital design. My main goal is to create value with the looming concepts where the service design and user experience collide. This is the core when the target is that the made investments are profitable in the digital environments. 

When designing the outstanding digital concepts you have to have the user needs in your hand and the business strategy in the other hand, you have to aim to the engaging interactions and keep the user journey clear in your mind.

My competence is focused on the strategy and conceptual design. My role is to keep design thinking and using of the design methods on the focus during the development process.

I give public speeches, presentations and run workshops frequently with the clients. That's how I keep sourcing the business opportunities and what makes me to keep my knowledge updated.

More informatio of my competence read Curriculum Vitae


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Antti Brunni
tel. +358 44 55 44669

Address: Nissinmäentie 1 B 5, 02780 Espoo


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